Biological collections and sample transfers

A research project involving a biological collection requires professional and secure management of the collection. The Biobank Lariboisière provides researchers and doctors with all stages of biobanking for all types of biological samples within the public hospital.

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In addition to aliquoting, the Lariboisière Biobank is capable of isolating PBMCs, performing extraction (QIAsymphony) and nucleic acid (DNA and RNA) assays.

The Biobank Lariboisière ensures the valorisation of the biological samples it takes care of, which is translated according to the opportunities by a proposal of assignment or transfer and by the financial remuneration of the clinical service. To ensure the success of the project, the Biobank team must be approached beforehand to consider the technical, scientific and financial aspects of the collection together.

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monitoring, preparation and storage of biological samples

The analytical platform of the Biobank Lariboisière offers bioanalysis services for biological samples based on state-of-the-art equipment and technological innovations generated by the Biobank.