3 positions open in 2020

Biobank Lariboisière is the first French Biological Resource Centre to obtain approval for internships in medical biology, innovation and biotechnology.

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Intern in Medical Biology (pharmacist or doctor)

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Internal RPI

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Internal GDPM

Although the modality of each internship varies, their purpose is similar: to participate in research projects carried out by the Biobank Lariboisière and/or innovative health projects supported by the Biobank. They represent an opportunity to work with private biotechnology companies and to consider new career opportunities.

Thus, the intern has research tools and a panoramic view of a research subject that he or she can use to train himself or herself in the methodological and technical aspects necessary to transfer an innovation to applications in medical biology. Interns are entrusted with an innovative professional project which they carry out under the supervision of the Biobank Lariboisière team.

Interns are also taken care of in a cycle of practical training, under the guidance of a tutor who accompanies them in the personalised development of their career. The courses given concern specialized medicine on the various themes of the investigators who bank their samples in the Lariboisière Biobank: cell biology, genetics and high-throughput genome sequencing, biophysics, pathology, ethics and regulations, biotechnologies and entrepreneurship.