From reception to delivery

Biobank Lariboisière offers researchers and investigators the reception, preparation, storage and availability of human biological samples. The Biobank is multi-thematic: open to any medical speciality, without restriction, it is able to store all types of samples.


Biological Fluids and Nucleic Acids Pathway

Manager : Pr Philippe Manivet

Preparation, storage and provision of biological samples: plasma, serum, cell fractions of blood or other biological fluids, CSF, and urine - as part of clinical research projects interfacing with academic research (EPST, University) and industry.


Fabric Spinneret

Manager : Pr Homa Adle-Biassette

Controlled by the pathologists of the Lariboisière hospital, this sector ensures the preparation, storage and availability of frozen and paraffined tissues, in particular within the framework of INCa recommendations.

Catalogue d'échantillons

Spécialité Médicale Nature des échantillons Pathologie
ORL Plasma héparine, Tissus congelé Mucormycoses rhinosinusienens (traitement par amphotericine B liposomale)
Diabétologie Sérum, Plasma EDTA, PBMC, Urine Diabétique de type I
Anesthésie-Réanimation Plasma EDTA, Plasma Aprotinine, Urine Brûlés graves
Anesthésie-Réanimation Plasma EDTA, Plasma Aprotinine, Urine Complications cardiovasculaires après transplantation hépatique
Neurologie Sérum, Plasma EDTA, Plasma citrate, Urine, ADN Base de données clinico-radiologiques et d'une biothèque pour des patients ayant un infarctus lacunaire
Neurologie Sérum, Plasma héparine, LCR, ADN Base de données clinico-biologiques de patients explorés par un trouble cognitif (démences neurodégénératives)
Diabétologie Sérum, Plasma EDTA, PBMC, Urine Diabétique de type II, Rétinopathie diabétique

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Maximum quality guarantees

Biobank Lariboisière works in compliance with the regulations in force and implements a Quality Management System according to the NF S96-900 standard.

It monitors biological samples 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The Biobank Lariboisière guarantees the rights of patients, the preservation of the anonymity of their samples, and the use of the samples for exclusive medical research purposes. Any research project undertaken by the Biobank is examined and validated by a Committee for the Protection of Persons, made up of experts in the field concerned by the research project (researchers, hospital staff, statisticians, etc.).