My staff and I are very pleased to officially launch our website.

We can now come out of anonymity and communicate professionally and with pride about our structure and its activities, which are the fruit of a long work that we have accomplished in recent years with patience, passion and determination.

Someone once said to me when talking about communicating, quoting the fable of the cricket by Jean-Pierre Claris de Florian: "to live happily let us live hidden".

Today, communicating is a duty towards our fellow citizens who, through their taxes, contribute to the financing of our research and care. It is also because progress in medicine and science comes into their homes through the media that it is important to give objective and clear information to avoid the dissemination of erroneous information. As society evolves, medical research encourages citizens and patients to become involved in health innovation.

We have built more than a biobank, we have created a space of freedom in which a new way of working is expressed where the unit of value is the human being and his creativity.

The decompartmentalization of science and medicine, the development of innovation in health and the creation of companies, the integration of patient and healthy volunteers associations in this collective approach, make the biobank a strategic place that offers researchers and company managers the possibility of being supported in the development of their R&D projects and our young graduates new career opportunities.

Prof. Philippe Manivet, Director of the Biobank Lariboisière